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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder—Adults

ADHD, once seen as a childhood disorder, is now known to affect millions of adults, While its symptoms can become more subtle with age, its toll can remain heavy. In fact, as life responsibilities increase, the impact of untreated ADHD can become more significant. Fortunately, with appropriate treatment, living with ADHD can become much more manageable. Adult ADHD often manifests itself with difficulty in some of the following areas:

Difficulty maintaining focus

Chronic procrastination

Persistent disorganization

Trouble planning ahead

A need to keep busy all the time

A sense of being overwhelmed

Difficulty tolerating boredom

Frequent loss of temper

ADHD focused psychotherapy, while individualized for each client, will typically include the following components:

Psychoeducation. Learning about the neurobiology of ADHD and its specific consequences gives one a new lens through which to look at patterns, behaviors and experiences. This is an important first step in reducing self-blame and recognizing areas of strength.

Learning new skills and strategies. We will focus on practical ways to address challenges and compensate for areas of weakness, such as time management, organization of workspaces, prioritizing goals and responsibilities, communicating clearly, regulating emotions, and managing stress.

Addressing emotional aspects of ADHD. Individuals often come to therapy with frustration and feelings of ineffectiveness. This can take a toll on self-esteem and the ability to trust oneself and other people. I work with clients to help them modify emotional and cognitive patterns that may cause distress and hinder them in attaining their goals.

Coordinating Treatment with other professionals. Often, additional therapies or services, including medication or organizational coaching will increase the effectiveness of psychotherapy. I refer clients for other services as indicated and collaborate with other professionals.

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