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Psychotherapy Services

I have a general psychotherapy practice, working with couples, adults and adolescents. My therapeutic style is interactive and I believe that establishing a comfortable, trusting patient-therapist relationship, in which the patient feels understood and affirmed, is a key to therapeutic success.

I treat a broad range of difficulties, including mood and anxiety disorders, attention
deficit/hyperactivity disorder, relationship conflicts, problems adjusting to significant life
changes and grief following the loss of a loved one.





Individual Psychotherapy

Effective treatment begins with a thorough evaluation. Through this evaluation, we will develop an understanding of the different factors underlying or contributing to the difficulties that brought you to therapy. These difficulties may arise from longstanding relationship and/or emotional patterns, from current life stress, from temperamental or biochemical vulnerabilities, or from a combination of these factors. Guided by a formulation of these contributing factors, I work with an active, pragmatic, problem-solving approach in order to bring relief from distress and a greater sense of well-being. Such strategies are designed to:

Areas of
Special Expertise

In addition to my general practice,
I specialize in the following areas:


Mindfulness & Acceptance
      and Commitment Therapy


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• Change unconstructive patterns of thinking.

Painful emotions often result from the way one interprets events and interactions. Through insight-oriented, cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques, I help patients recognize their customary ways of viewing themselves and others and modify patterns that contribute to their difficulties.

• Build social support

Social isolation and relationship conflict are often significant components of emotional distress. I focus on strengthening current relationships, learning more effective strategies for communicating and resolving conflict, and identifying ways of developing new relationships.

• Improve coping skills

An important aspect of therapy is learning to develop behavioral patterns that support emotional health. I emphasize the importance of stress-reducing activities such as exercise and meditation, and strategies for coping when faced with heightened distress.

• Enhance well-being and life satisfaction

Effective therapy focuses on enhancing positive experiences as well as reducing symptoms and distress. I help my patients identify and maximize their strengths and discover ways to build a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

Couple Therapy

I help couples reach a shared understanding of their conflicts and greater awareness of the context or triggers for their difficulties. This increased awareness typically fosters greater mutual acceptance and empathy. We work on developing specific communication and conflict resolution strategies. In addition, I strive to help couples recognize their strengths and build on the positives so that their relationship is more resilient in the face of stress. I often give assignments between sessions to help a couple take concrete steps toward building a more satisfying relationship. If you are interested in couple therapy for ADHD, please see the “Areas of Special Expertise” section.


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