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Are you struggling with aspects of parenting? Perhaps you have read books or articles, have brainstormed with friends, or tried different approaches, yet it does not seem to be getting easier. Parenthood is one of our most challenging, meaningful and important roles. Frequently, some facets of it are a natural fit for us while other aspects come much less easily. Just as each child has a profile of qualities and capacities, each parent has a particular style and combination of preferences, strengths and weaknesses. 

Parenting is deeply personal and it draws on all aspects of ourselves. We have an internal model for how it should go, based on our own early family experiences, the future we imagine for our child, and the kind of parent we want to be. Our expectations and natural instincts might bump up against our child’s unique characteristics, behaviors and needs. This can lead to difficult cycles that are hard to interrupt, and to feelings of ineffectiveness. The good news is that change is possible.

If your parenting tank is running empty, if you are having difficulty interacting with your child in a way that feels rewarding and effective, if you are having trouble putting parenting recommendations into practice, you might consider seeking support for yourself. I help parents discover what is getting in the way and identify new possibilities. Therapy can help you:

  • More effectively handle the complex emotions that inevitably arise in parenthood, seeing where your buttons are pushed, and learning why.

  • Move beyond automatic, default reactions and instincts, likely shaped by your own early family experiences, to develop responses best suited to you and your particular child.

  • Assess the balance of demands and supportive resources, identify the stressors that are taxing you and your family, and develop stress-management strategies suited to you.

  • Help you appreciate and utilize the strengths and capacities you bring to parenthood.





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